CRAS guitarists: Uffe Carl Hansen, Jacob Nørrelund, Mikkel Egelund Nielsen, Henrik Bay Hansen, Søren Eriksen, Peter Oldrup

CRAS (lat: tomorrow) is an ensemble of 6 guitarists from Copenhagen, Denmark, dedicated to the music and arts of our time.


We are all about collaboration...


- With various composers from around the world in order to explore and expand the repertoire for 6 guitars.


- With other artists: dancers, actors, painters, sculptors and filmmakers in order to present a fresh perspective on the way we experience art.


- With you, the audience, in order to keep the music alive and relevant.


In the spirit of a truly modern ensemble, CRAS performs the music of tomorrow today.

CRAS is supported by:

© 2017 by CRAS CORPORATION - København, Danmark - mail@cras-ensemble.com - Photos by Trine Pihl Stanley