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Photo by Mogens Porse Madsen

Duration: 8’30
Status: First performed 2018-04-18.
Description: A performance which puts the increasing amount of machines in our society into perspective through the motions of the human body – which itself is a kind of machine.
A collaboration between Ida Langkilde (new-circus artist) and CRAS.

“Six Senses Suite”

Duration: 25’

Status: First performed 2019-10-10.

Description: A musical interpretation of the five traditionally recognized senses and the mysterious sixth one. 

A collaboration between composers Christos Farmakis (hearing), Ivan Olsen (sight), Hugi Gudmundsson (smell), John Frandsen (taste), Jeppe Just (touch), Peter Bruun (6th sense) and CRAS.


“Out of the Cage”
Duration: 45’
Status: In progress - premiere April 202o.
Description: A performance that deals with the topic of online bullying among teenagers. Amulitfaceted artistic expression is created by combining music, dance and pre-recorded voices of more than 60 pupils from Danish public schools telling their stories in interviews conducted by members of CRAS.
A collaboration between pupils from Holluf Pile skole, Pedersborg skole, Lykke Møller Kristensen (author and social media expert), Clara Wärme Otterström (dancer) and CRAS.



“In Our Time”
Duration: Infinite
Status: In progress – Chapter 1 premiere January 2020.
Description: Inspired by the iconic Doomsday Clock, “In Our Time” is a potentially endless piece of music initiated by global events such as international security, climate change and the threat from nuclear weapons.  
Every time the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists sets the Doomsday Clock, a new musical “chapter” will be added to this ongoing creative process. Over time different composers from every part of the world will contribute to “In Our Time”, each one taking over where the previous one ended, so that ultimately we’ll have one long, uninterrupted piece of music that goes on forever. 
Chapter 1 will take its starting point at the birth-place of the atomic bomb: New Mexico, USA.

A collaboration between José Luis Hurtado (composer and Assistant Professor of Theory and Composition at the University of New Mexico), Ejbybunkeren (Cold War facility in Copenhagen), Carina Ann Meyn (Assistant Professor at the Royal Danish Defense College)  and CRAS.


"Nordic Origins"

Duration: 60’

Status: In progress - premiere September 2020

Description: What does it mean to be Nordic? Do we have a common approach to the world? Do we share a common sound or a particular way of speaking, thinking and listening?

CRAS guitar ensemble has started a collaboration with six female composers from the six Nordic countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. The six composers will explore the Nordic origins and each composer will compose a movement for a concert based on what it means to be Nordic.

“Visions of Tomorrow”
A combination of concerts, lectures, performances and screenings.
Status: In progress.

Description: Our own series of concerts which explore the symbiosis between music, performance and information.The series include:“Thoughts of Tomorrow” featuring philosophers and scientists.“Words of Tomorrow” featuring writers and poets.“Images of Tomorrow” featuring filmmakers and visual artists.“Moves of Tomorrow” featuring dancers and acrobats.

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